13 September 2014

#BLFW Day 1 / OOTD

So i have finally found time from my hectic life at the moment to blog about Bloggers fashion week. Posts have been lacking at the moment because of the severe amount of hours I've been working (Around 70 hours this week with no day off so please do forgive me!) The main thing that I loved at BLWF was the fact that I got to meet loads of lovely people. It was great to be able to talk and connect with brands but I have to say that it was a little disappointing to see that a lot of the brands that were supposed to be there decided to do a no-show! However, the brands that I did get talking to were lovely and I can safely say that I have made a good few blogger friends.
Feel free to keep reading to take a look into Bloggers Love Fashion Week day 1!

|| Blazer - Primark || Jumpsuit - Miss Selfridge sample || Fluffy Bag - Topshop ||
|| Heels - Dune ||

I was unsure about the dress code so decided to go somewhere in between. This jumpsuit is another of my Miss Selfridge samples. You can't see here because I actually rolled the legs up but someone from the company cut a hole in it at the bottom of one of the legs (and a massive one at that!) and fair enough cause it was a sample, but I was pretty gutted when I realised! So it is actually supposed to be much longer. I went for the monochrome look (again!) and went with a white blazer to and small strappy white heels to be not too dressy yet not too casual!

7 September 2014

Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre-Party / OOTD

Last Monday I attended the Bloggers Love Fashion Week Pre-Party which was such good fun. I met so many lovely people and got a taste of things that were to come on the two main evenings!
Bloggers Love Fashion Week was organised by the lovely Danielle of Bloggers Love, which is a company that organises events to bring together bloggers and brands.
At the pre-party I was happy to meet so many beautiful people - bloggers and brands alike. As well as connecting with brands, it gives bloggers a chance to get to know other bloggers like them. For me this was really nice because I don't really know any other bloggers personally and it is nice to get to know people who 'get' fashion blogging like you do!

The event included a few brands that were going to be showcasing their stuff in the fashion shows of the main events. The brands included Ellie Air, Syreeta Badu, Vania Couture and Eleanor Linden. It was nice to actually meet the designers too as they are the brains behind the beauty! There was also a photography booth ran by the lovely and talented Emily Darcy Adams who offered some well needed advice where photography is concerned, there was a vlogging booth where you could get tips about vlogging (v. scary world!) and a blogger speed dating booth which was organised by Zeena Xena.

I had a brilliant time at the event, and had an even better time at both of the main events which you should stay tuned for!

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(Apologies for the bad lighting!)

// Dress - Miss Selfridge Sample // Jacket - USC // Faux Fur Gilet - Miss Selfridge Sample //
// Boots - New Look //

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25 August 2014


 || Crop top - Miss Selfridge Sample || Skirt - Primark || Bag - iKrush* || Shoes - Primark ||

Luckily the weather was a little better when I took these photos, so they are much better quality than the last! The weather today is absolutely dreadful and I am off to Bloggers Fashion Week too! So my outfit plans are completely ruined *crying face*. I picked this skirt up a while back in Primark for... are you ready for it... £3!! Bargain of my life! I am not even joking, if you manage to find a good item on a sale rail in Primark it will be a good day for you. It made my year. The crop top is another of my Miss Selfridge samples. On m last day they spoilt me rotten and gave me so much free stuff, I was so grateful yet felt so guilty like I did not deserve it at all as I'd only been there for 4 weeks. All in all it was a brilliant placement, everyone was so lovely and welcoming, and even though I was only there for a months work experience, I felt like I was part of the team. 100% recommend if you are looking for a fashion design placement!

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Laura x

22 August 2014

Oversized Blouse

|| Blouse - Zara || Skirt - Topshop (Ebay) || Boots - New Look (Last Season) ||

I seriously don't understand how these photos ended up being such bad quality! Same camera and all but I am guessing that it must have been the lighting as it was quite a cloudy day! Because of this though, you cant really see the beauty of this skirt. I picked this little number up on Ebay a couple of months back and I adore it! It is a jersey bodycon midi skirt that has a layer of netting over the top. It was originally from Topshop for probably a lot more than the £6.00 I paid - the beauty of Ebay! I also have to apologise as the last time I blogged was over a week ago, I am having a week break from finishing at Miss Selfridge last Friday and starting at French Connection on Tuesday so thought I'd visit home for five days, and forgot my camera... The perfect blogging opportunity too! 

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13 August 2014

Chiara Fashion Kimono Style Challenge

|| Kimono - Chiara Fashion* (Similar here) || Caged Body - Miss Selfridge Sample ||
|| Leather Skirt - Vintage || Shoes - Primark ||

Can I just start by saying that my last post was actually my 100th! How did I not realise? It does not seem like it has been over a year since my first blog post, yet looking back, both my blog and my style have changed so much. In this time, I have gained 530 beautiful followers (on Bloglovin'), I have met some lovely people, been given amazing opportunities and was even shortlisted for an award! This all wouldn't have happened without you (the people who read my blog). Not that I will only ever post if people read, because that is not true at all, but peoples kind words and support can mean everything when I am feeling a little down, whether it is just in general or lack of confidence/motivation about my blog. So thank you. A lot. 

My 101th (th?) post is a style challenge! I don't think you will come across any style challenges in the past 100 posts, so when Chiara Fashion contacted me and asked me to get involved, I went for it. After all, who doesn't love a Kimono? I chose this gorgeous floral number and paired it with black and white, I think a statement piece like this is best to be paired with something not too fancy or it will loose its magic. I have actually been after a new Kimono for a while now and when I saw this one, I instantly fell in love. I especially love the length - long and flowy is perfection to me! It has literally just sold out (must be cause it is so beautiful ey!) but there is one in a similar colour which you can find here with the floral print, tassels and flowyness still involved!